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"Shannon Smith Falcone has made such a difference in OUR lives since she started seeing my son Kyle last year. He has a broader vocabulary, increased and improved articulation, and just overall better speech patterns in general. She is patient, kind, and understanding with me and Kyle. She keeps me updated WEEKLY on what they're working on and also his progression towards their quarterly goals. She is more than a pathologist, she is an angel, who is truly the best at what she does and we are SO lucky to have her. Kyle was seen by 4 different pathologists in 3 years before we finally found Shannon and she is the ONLY one who has ever made a significant difference in the growth my son's speech goals and for that I am truly grateful."

Lee Holbrook


"Shannon is the BEST!! She over the years has helped so many children in our school! Thank you Shannon Smith Falcone for all you do! We love you here at Triad Baptist Christian School!"

Laura Harris

Preschool Director Triad Baptist Christian School

"Shannon is an AWESOME SLP. When my youngest was 3 she was talking very little to none and she was so delayed that her preschool thought she was autistic. We did have autism ruled out. I was going to have her work with Shannon privately and get some therapy through the school system. School system assessment was for 6 weeks after Shannon started working with my daughter and she was so delayed there was no question she would qualify for an IEP. Within 6 weeks she started talking so much and so well that she did not qualify for the IEP! When Shannon works with them privately she gets their speech (which encompasses many areas, some of which you probably would not think of) to that of their peers or better and always lets you know when they are ready to exit speech or it is not benefiting them for some reason. We kept our youngest in therapy with her for a couple years and she literally went from not talking, having no clue what it meant for something to be over, under, etc., was not able to point to the picture of the baby playing in the sandbox and overall did horrible on the screening (probably bottom 5%) to scoring in the 85th percentile of all the first graders at NCLA in reading, language, and math."

Jane Snyder


"My son was in speech therapy two different times with Ms. Shannon. I think it was the best thing I could’ve done for him. She worked one on one with him twice a week for over six months for different sessions. He would come home and be so excited to let me know what he was learning. He had difficultly with a lot of certain letter sounds , but with her patience he made incredible improvements. Now, he is in Kindergarten and doesn’t have any speech problems at all. I highly recommend Ms Shannon especially for her patience, compassion and understanding."

T. Martin


"Very well. All of the children responded in a positive way. They were always very happy to see her. "

Debbie Sharpe

Owner of Sharpe Kidz

"Shannon developed an amazing rapport with my son and was so eager to see him succeed. While we now live in a different area, she has remained interested in his development and I often continue to call on her for her help/opinion in regards to his progress."

Crystal Gregory


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